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Zarpar is a place where our guests find flavors of India in an authentic Kashmiri ambiance. Our services, food, and ambiance will make them not only contented and jovial but will also provide a whole another experience. The video tour of Zarpar will provide a glimpse of such an experience.

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Kashmiri Ambiance

DEWAN KHANA -The Fine Dine

Dewan Khana’ in Kashmir is the name given to ‘drawing room’. Generally it is also the largest room in the house. Dewan Khana at ZARPAR provides a seating arrangement for 44 guests on chairs and 16 guests on the raised platform (Baithak), making a total capacity of 59. So, our esteemed guests will have a choice of sitting either on chairs or on the raised platform.

PARI MAHAL-The House Boat

“Pari Mahal’ is a historical monument constructed in Srinagar in the regime of Mughal. It is on the slope of a hill facing the beautiful Dal Lake. Historically it was constructed as an astronomical observatory. At Zarpar, PARI MAHAL is the Houseboat on 09th Floor, which has water in its surroundings. With a seating capacity of 36 guests on chairs and 4 guests on the raised platforms, Pari Mahal can cater private gatherings or special occasions.

ZAINA KADAL -The Kashmiri Bazaar

Zaina Kadal is the main market of down town Srinagar and has a historical significance. At ZARPAR, you can shop for authentic Kashmiri handicrafts and royal dry fruits. Zaina Kadal brings you a variety of products which will bring in a soothing breeze of the paradise.


Zoon Dub marked as a historical monument constructed in the Wular lake (in Kashmir) in the regime of Buddhism. As no remains of this monument are available as present-day, ZARPAR brings you a beautiful seating space on the banks of the lake as a tribute to the cultural history.

TASWEER-The Selfie Point

Kashmiri Poshak is one of the most beautiful outfits in the world. At ZARPAR, we walk a mile extra to enhance your experience. Save your memory for a lifetime at our Selfie points where you can try an authentic Kashmiri Poshak and get yourself clicked on the banks of the lake.


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Zarpar menu is consisted of more than 200 delicacies, veg and non veg. Here is the list of few of the most loved delicacies.


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ZARPAR has been offering mouthwatering and delicious non-vegetarian Kashmiri food to patrons all over the city. Though vegetables can be fairly tasty, it takes a lot more of them to satisfy hunger. Non-veg food gets the job done and nothing can beat the mouth-melting nonvegetarian food with a plethora of varieties available in non-veg: chicken, mutton, egg, fish, etc. 


if you are looking for an exotic veg meal, Zarpar got you covered with delicious ways to include vitamins, proteins, calcium, and other nutrients in your diet as well as amazing tricks and methods to take vegetarian cooking to a next level. Let's go healthy; we will take you on an exciting journey of zesty, luscious vegetarian food to satisfy your palate.

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