non veg food in Jaipur

If you a non-vegetarian and you are in Jaipur then you must be thinking

  • Which is the best non-veg restaurant in Jaipur
  • Which is the best non-veg restaurant with the best sitting arrangement
  • Which is the best restaurant in Jaipur where I can find delicious mutton, chicken or Eeg dishes?

There are many more questions arise in the mind

Zarpar located in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur and now have become the first choice who love to dine out non-veg foods. Zarpar’s Non-Veg food have different taste and you can find all dishes very tasty. Zarpar is different from other non-veg restaurants in Jaipur. Why?

  • Non-Veg Food with Kashmiri Cuisine:

Zarpar is one of the best restaurants in Jaipur who includes Kashmiri taste in non-food. All non-veg dishes like Mutton dish, Chicken Dish, Egg Dish and Fish Dishes are made with Kashmiri cuisine.

  • The best Sitting arrangement with Kashmiri culture:

Zarpar has the different type of sitting arrangements. You can enjoy Kashmiri culture in Jaipur.

Dewan Khana:

This is the name of the room where 50-60 people can have to sit and have non-veg food. There is two options sitting option where 43 people can have food while sitting on chairs and 2ed option 16 people can have food on the raised platform.

Pari Mahal:

Here you can find the sitting arrangement of 40 guests, 4 guests on raised platform and 36 on chairs. The name of the house is a boat that is surrounded by water.


The name of a bench on the bank of the lake where guests sit and take their photos selfies wearing Kashmiri dress.

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