Mutton non veg receipe

Everybody wants to dine out on weekends in today’s hectic life to spend the time with family. If you are vegetarian then first you must try to find out the best place or restaurant in Jaipur where you can eat best non-veg food. If you try to try to search in Google for the best non-veg restaurant in Jaipur you must find

ZARPAR is the best restaurant in Jaipur where you can eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at affordable cost. Guests once visit the zarpar, try to visit again because zarpar not only provide the best non-veg food but also provide the best-sitting arrangements with Kashmir culture accommodation.
Why is zarpar the best place to eat non-veg in Jaipur?

non veg food

Because this restaurant knows how to make guests happy.
(1)Best sitting arrangements
(2)Different type of rooms with best looks including Kashmiri culture.
(3)Non-veg food with Kashmiri cuisine
(4)Best reviews by happy clients

What type of non-veg dishes can I eat at

Chicken Dishes

  • Meethi Maaz
  • Rista
  • Roganjosh
  • Tchaanman Kanti

Mutton Dishes

  • Kokur Kanti
  • Kokur Roganjosh
  • Kokur Aab Gosh
  • Kokur Palak Rista

Fish Dishes

  • Kashir Gaade
  • Gaade Rista
  • Gaade Goshtaba

Egg Dishes

  • 1 Thool Zamoora

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