best non veg dish

90% of the people’s choice is to eat out with family and friends. It is because to chill their mood from the daily hectic life. People love eating out, but eating out fresh and hygiene food at a nice restaurant doesn’t affect your health. Being at a nice restaurant provides a framework to be our very best, to be entertaining and to forget about the daily hustle and bustle.

Food is a substance that is consumed to run our body properly and helps our body to grow, providing all necessary nutrients and energy which a human body needs. At the same time, food can be very tasty and flavor whereas it can be dangerous to human health if not cooked properly, or cooked in an unhygienic place in dirty utensils, or kept uncovered for hours. If the safety measures are not taken with food then it may cause risk to one’s health.
The best restaurant for fresh and hygiene non-veg cuisine is ZARPAR with Kashmiri flavor for non-veg lovers. Refreshing, pure and authentic, hygienic food is cooked with healthy ingredients making ZARPAR completely different from other places. As you step in, you will be amazed to see its ambiance. The environment is so soothing and pleasant, surely can make your day.

ZARPAR’s prime concern is not only to provide best hospitality and services to its customers but also take care of cleanliness providing hygienic and fresh food with the actual taste of spices. The staffs of Zarpar possess a very good quality to maintain a high degree of cleanliness and a tidy external appearance, not only this they maintain good health standards. Before cooking everything is cleaned properly with water, either it is utensils, raw vegetables, knives etc. Each staff member wears a uniform which they change on daily basis. The staff wears hats, covering all the hair and cooks food with clean hands, even wash whenever needed. Dishes are washed wearing hand rubber gloves.ZARPAR hires staff members by submitting a health exam report for germ carrying before starting work in the kitchen and repeat it every six months. It delivers fresh and hygienic food maintaining its quality among customers. You can easily judge the freshness just by the yum taste of dishes.

Kashmir is well known for its non-veg cuisine called Wazwan and if you are non-vegetarian then you must try Kashmiri cuisine in ZARPAR. Excellent quality and mouthwatering taste will leave your stomach full but your tongue still craving for more. The fresh, soft, succulent, spongy, tantalizing non-veg of Zarpar with its ambiance and hospitality will leave you speechless. Its flawless hygienic food left a solid impression on an individual’s mind.

So if you are a health conscious person, still loves to eat out go for Zarpar food, complete hygienic and fresh.

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