kitty party at zarpar

Kitty Party: A party that is organized by a small group of women’s say 10-15. Organization of kitty parties depends on the group. It may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  In this type of party, every member of the group needs to contribute some amount of money and that is called Kitty. The whole amount of money handed over to one member of the group. Every new party session is hosted by a member.

How to Organise Kitty Parties?

As above discussed kitty party is organized to have a little fun and enjoyment and to increase the social interaction. Kitty parties are also a good source to make social relations strong.

  • Creating a Group: In this part, 10-15 women’s create a group to schedule a get-together party or we can say kitty party. Women’s from same residency or near friends or relatives can create a small group.ladies kitty party group
  • Collecting Money: Before starting a kitty party it is necessary to collect the money from each member of the group who is going to celebrate a kitty party. After collecting a certain amount of money, the member who is hosted this party keeps this money to spend on this for kitty party
  • Deciding The Menu: In this part members of kitty party decide the menu item. They decide what to keep in the menu like drinks, snacks, food etc.
  • kitty party food menu
  • Entertainment: This is very important part of kitty-party organized. In this part, the member of kitty party decides what to do in entertainment. They may arrange dance program, they may go for a movie or it may be some other programs that can give fun and enjoyment during KITTY PARTY.kitty party entertainment
  • Games: Kitty-party members can also go for games. Usually, small games are played in these parties.
  • kitty party games

The Best Place to Organize Kitty Party in Jaipur is one of the best venues in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur to host the kitty party. We can also say Zarpar restaurant in Jaipur is the famous kitty party venue in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur to organized these small parties.

Why to choose Zarpar Restaurant to organized kitty party?

Best-Veg Foods: You should choose Zarpar as your favorite destination to organize kitty party. You can make your food menu customized because at zarpar you can have all possible Veg dishes with dessert.

Non-Veg Foods: If any member of your kitty party group is non-vegetarian and your venue is restaurant then you are going to enjoy your party a lot.

Best- Dessert: Zarpar can make your party more interesting with its delicious sweets. You can find almost all kind of sweets or dessert at

Kashmiri Cuisine:  At zarpar, you can enjoy Non-Veg foods prepared with Kashmir cuisine. This is the best restaurant in Jaipur who provides Kashmir cuisine non-veg best foods in Jaipur.

Separate Party Hall: At zarpar, you can find a separate place to organize your kitty party and to have food.

  • Deewan Khana: At zarpar restaurant, deewan khana is a big room and have the sitting space of approx 40 people and raised space for 15 people approx. You can enjoy your kitty party heredeewan khana
  • Pari Mahal: The another name or pari mahal at zarpar is house boat and this is in middle of the water. At least 35-36 guests can sit on the chairs and 3-4 can sit on the raised platform. Kitty party can also be enjoyed here.Pari Mahal
  • Tasweer: There is a bench with the background of water body and houseboat at People can take their selfies by wearing Kashmiri dress.tasweer
  • Zaina Kadal: This is the name of sales counter at where you can find various types of dry fruits and handicraft.zaina-kadalSo finally decide your next time to organise kitty party and make it happend with lots of fun and and delicious food at zarpar best kitty party place in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

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